Scylla – Cinematic Mass Destruction – CD Album

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Scylla is a violin-drum-duo from Germany. Creating experimental soundscapes and grooves with electric violin, effect pedals, loops, and all kinds of drums, every concert is a unique journey that stretches the boundaries of their instrumental abilities.

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Scylla – Cinematic Mass Destruction


Johannes Haase: Violin, Effects, Liveloops

Johannes von Buttlar: Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Synthesizer

Immo Wischhusen: Drums #8, Vocals #9, Gong, Harmonium


all songs composed by Johannes Haase, Johannes von Buttlar, Immo Wischhusen

Arranged by: Johannes Haase, Immo Wischhusen

produced, mixed and mastered by Immo Wischhusen

Illustration by Vincent Burmeister


Scylla Info:

In greek mythology a multi-headed sea monster, Scylla is violin drum duo that is stretching the limits by using an armada of percussion instruments and effect pedals. Scylla combines ancient violins & rhythms with electronics and contemporary sounds in instantly composed sound monsters. Their collaborations vary from productions with the hip hop veteran Flowin Immo to concerts and tours with Indian Sitar maestro Imran Khan.

2018 brings the release of the album Cinematic Mass Destruction (immonopol).

Scylla has played concerts in India, Greece and Germany.

The resulting music is rarely loud but at the same time intense and is constantly and slowly shifting from one obscure state to the next with sometimes almost film like atmospheres.

They improvise acoustic stories, triggered by imaginary visual, architectural and textural input.  They reconstruct their own sound universe that breathes and grows as a living organism.

Scylla Homepage

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